Wednesday, June 9, 2010



The Chief Executive Officer,

Hercules Automobiles,



Respected Sir,

I have bought a new Maruthi Astar Lxi (KL 32B 725) car from Hercules Automobiles Alleppey in August 2009.The first service was done in October 2009 at Hercules Automobiles , Vazhayila, Thiruvananthapuram which was quite satisfactory. The second service of (5000kms) was done in December 2009 at the above mentioned service station. At that time the vehicle had covered 4800kms. Before servicing I have emphasized them to do the wheel alignment balancing and wheel rotation (including steppini tyre). But during the service the wheel rotation was not done. (steppini tyre was not used). After one week, I had found the discrepancy in the wheel rotation and telephoned the workshop authorities and also informed the same complaint to the job advisor who had taken care of the above said job, while I was explaining about the complaint, he refused to agree with me about the complaint that happened and cut the call before hearing my full words.

After one week I called the customer care manager at Thiruvananthapuram, (Service people from alappey were not interested to hear my words and they gave me the number of customer care officer of Trivandrum service center). She said that she would inspect the problem and would call back as early as possible but didn't respond till now. After one week I had telephoned Mr. Priyadarshi at Thiruvananthapuram and conveyed the same complaint to him, he convinced me by telling that they are ready to rectify the problem at free of cost at the earliest. In January 1st, I went directly to the Hercules service station at Vazhayila, Thiruvananthapuram and shown the discrepancy of my vehicle. Then only they were realized the things and the Manager apologised and assured me that there won't be any issue further.

In March 2010, I was called two times from Thiruvananthapuram and Alleppey to give information about the third service. I enquired them about the replacement of the gasket of fuel injection pump. (I heard news like 'A star' cars have been recalled due to the above problem). To confirm the correctness of my vehicle's gasket, I had queried them about this. They said that, they would examine and call back on the next day. But they didn't respond till now. I had called them again in the same month and asked about the status of my query and I didn't get any response positively.

The third service of (10,000kms) was done in May 2010 at Thiruvananthapuram service station. I have called to service center and asked about the availability of driver for picking my car from my office to service center for servicing. I got a confirmation of driver's availability on the next day itself. But no one contacted me for taking the vehicle for servicing on the next day. When I called them they had given me assurance that they will take vehicle on the next day for servicing. (Customer care manager had given me the assurance). But next day also the same scenario happened and they didn't take my vehicle for servicing. Even after my repeated calls they didn't respond to me positively and at last they had taken my vehicle for servicing after 3 days of struggled experience with Hercules Automobiles. Before taking the vehicle for servicing they ensured me that wheel alignment and wheel rotation including steppini tyre (to make even the wear and tear of tires) will be done. This time also it was not properly done. (I had marked the tires before giving the vehicle for servicing and that helped me to find out the problem again) I got a printout of wheel alignment proof along with the bill statement and in that printout, It was written that wheel alignment and rotation to be done in every 5000 kms. But in my case, the process has not happened even after my vehicle completed 10000kms. The following day I had telephoned the service station at Vazhayila Thiruvananthapuram and informed about the negligence and mistake happened again. They had confessed their mistake and said will call back as soon as possible.


        After each service, a customer care executive has been called me and asked me about the service they had offered and my satisfaction in their service. Every time I had informed them about the problems I had faced for the "free service" of Hercules automobiles. After the third service also they had called me to ask about my satisfaction. I'm confusing that why you people are asking about the customer satisfaction. Even after my repeated reminders and feedbacks about the bad service offered by you, what action has been taken for correcting those issues? Without correcting my previous issues why your people are calling me for asking about the customer satisfaction?


After the first service was done, one of the executive telephoned to my house and asked my mother to fill up a feedback form with full mark or else it may affect their reputation.

The attitude of the staff in the service section towards the customers is not satisfactory. They are not trying to maintain a healthy relationship with the customer. All the above mentioned scenarios show the negligence, irresponsibility, irreverent and dereliction of duty. I convey all this to show my discontent to your servicing section. If you are not satisfying the customer's request, you won't be able to maintain a healthy relationship with the latter.







Thanking you,